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Pet Food

Odds are your life is chaotic, you’re working long hours and rarely at the house, or maybe looking to have a small getaway and don’t want to put your pet through the hassle of having to stay at some kennel or friends for a little while. Just reducing the stress knowing your pet is safe at home and its tummy is full can give you the reassurance of knowing you don’t have to rush to the house so you can make them dinner. Changing out of their dinner bowl to an automatic pet food dispenser is the solution you are looking for.

Automatic pet food dispensers are available in all sizes and shapes, but mainly consists of the same three components: the feeding bowl, a programmable digital timer, and a container for storage. Almost all of the digital pet food dispensers can be programmed to release food into the pet’s bowl many times each day, every day throughout the week as well as all year long without having to be reprogrammed.

Many of the quality automatic pet food dispensers may be digitally programmed to give the pet smaller volumes of their favorite dried food at each meal, allowing you to control just exactly how much food they will get through out the day (especially well-suited for dogs with diabetics or eating disorders).

Be certain when purchasing your quality automatic pet feeder you get one that’s suitable to the size of your pet. Most manufacturers design electronic food dispensers in small, medium and large sizes. Little automatic pet feeders are designed for little pets weighing less than ten pounds, and usually have a bin capacity to hold up to a round five pounds of pet food. Medium size pet feeders are for pets who weigh more than 10 pounds but less than 25 pounds. The units can normally hold up to 10 pounds of dry food, and can can hold the larger size pellets. Large quality automatic dog food dispensers are made to feed pets that way more than 25 pounds. Their food hoppers usually hold up to 20 pounds of dry dog food.

Several products might be a bit demanding to setup, having to choose exactly what time during the day you want your pet to be fed and how much food needs to be dispensed. It is strongly recommended that you watch how it works over a day when you are home to ensure it is performing the way you anticipate it to. Although once you’ve it up and running it should work like a charm. Some automatic pet food dispensers are operated by battery, so be sure, every now and then, to look at the indicator light in case the battery indicates it is running low. One way around this is to purchase an automatic dispenser that can be plugged into the wall, nevertheless you might like to reconsider buying a food dispenser with a cord should you have a pet that enjoys chewing. You will find manufacturers that have come up with creative ways and sell feeders that have a protective wrapping around the electrical cord (good luck with that Fido!!!).

Buying a quality automatic pet food dispenser can make living easier for your pet and you. You no longer need to remember if you fed your pet or not, and your pet will no longer have to wonder why you forgot. Being able to fill the food hopper from time to time allows you to buy and store large bags of food stored and out of sight, and away from playful and hungry mouths.

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