Great Pet Gifts for Pampered Pets

Pet Accesories

What do you buy for the pet parents who have everything?

For most, pets are members of the family. And as such, we spoil them just like we do our children. It is not unusual to encounter friends who indulge their pets to the point it seems the pet already has everything.

When looking for a gift for people whose pet is the center of all things, there are some tactics you can employ to help you decide on the perfect gift for the pet parents on your list without spending a lot of money.

First, the great variety of pet parents’ personalities is unmatched only by the variety of the pets’ personalities. One option is to match the gift with parents’ lifestyle, or you can match the gift with the pets’ personality.

Pet Parent Lifestyles:

The Bachelor

· Leather or padded dog collar

Consider a studded collar for the burly pet parent.

· Sports team-themed dog jersey

Any sports loving pet parent will love these for game days!

· Extra-durable pet Frisbee

Men love playing Frisbee with their pet at the dog park or beach.

The Fashionista

· Trendy dog food and water bowls

A stylish set of dog dishes is a must.

· A rhinestone studded dog collar

Every self-respecting fashionable dog has multiple sparkly collars -one in every color.

· Heating or cooling pad

No one care more for their pets’ comfort in super-hot and bitter-cold weather.

The Home Décor Diva

· Elevated dog feeders

These dog dishes come in every type of material and style that will complement any décor.

· Pet door-bell

Automatically signals when Fifi is ready to come inside after doing her business.

· Bone shaped decorative throw pillows

These cute pillow come in designs to match practically every home design.

The Traveler

· Seat covers for vehicles

No more dirty or scratched up seats in your car or truck.

· GPS locator collar

Never worry about losing your pet in an unfamiliar place every again.

· Pet carrier or stroller

Pet parents on the go will appreciate either of these.

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